About Us

The KIS group

The KIS group was established in 1987 with a clear business idea: “KIS takes responsibility for the development and the maintenance of, as well as the training for, the client’s work equipment.” The KIS Agreement is the concept which covers the aforementioned side of business and there are currently approximately 3200 companies that have chosen to partner with KIS by signing the KIS Agreement. In Norway, the KIS group is the clear market leader in our field.

KIS ØST AS, KIS VEST, AS, KIS SØR, AS, and KIS NORD, AS are companies that sell and conduct the KIS Agreement for Norwegian land-based industries. These companies have established branches in 21 different locations throughout Norway. We have a clear goal to be where our customers need us.

Until the year 2000, our focus was on land-based industries. With the establishment of KIS MARITIME AS, we now offer the KIS Agreement to the marine industries of shipping, offshore and aquaculture. KIS VEST AS, in Bergen, has a separate department for Offshore and fixed installations offering the same concept as KIS MARITIME AS

As a complement to our service business, KIS KOMPETANSE AS was established to offer our customers a complete range of industrial training. KIS KOMPETANSE AS is also a major provider of training to the offshore and maritime industries and has a clear goal to take responsibility for the development of, and the training function for, client’s work equipment.

In 2010, KIS became majority owner (51%) in Bergen Hydraulic AS which represents maritime cranes and lifting equipment from Pallfinger for the shipping, offshore and aquaculture industries.

The KIS group is currently established with workshops and offices in 21 locations around the country. The group has approximately 280 employees and a turnover of approximately 590 mil. NOK.

KIS AS is a holding company for the other KIS companies and develops the group in the areas of maintenance and training. The company also manages the group’s joint tasks of finance, economics, data, purchasing agreements, promotion, marketing, etc.

The KIS School

The KIS School was established in KIS AS in 2013 to implement all joint training in the KIS group. It conducts all training in the areas of sales, management training, practical training, etc.


KIS PARTNERS AS is the holding company for KIS AS. All managers are shareholders in KIS PARTNERS AS, along with many of the employees.