KIS was established in the autumn of 1987 (KIS ØST AS, KIS VEST AS and KIS SØR AS) with separate ownership and has developed carefully through the years and therefore has a long presence in the market. In 2002 the ownership was merged into KIS AS, and with this came a boost based on a joint strategy and a clear long-term plan.

KIS PARTNERS AS was established in 2012 with a refinancing of ownership whereby, among other things, all branch managers became shareholders and the employees were offered shares. This has laid a solid foundation for further growth in the companies. Establishing fixed service agreements (the KIS Agreement) has been a priority and nearly 3,000 fixed service agreements have been established within Norwegian industries. The companies have always had a healthy financial situation.

KIS HOLDING AS was established on 31 May 2021. It was established in order to buy all of the shares in KIS PARTNERS AS and to develop these assets further through a new ownership structure, long-term plan, and new financing. As of 24 June 2021, it had 124 shareholders, all of whom are employees of the Group. KIS HOLDING AS’s role is to follow-up long-term plans and financing, and through this contribute to optimising the Group’s finances.

Having all of the managing directors and other employees of the KIS Group as co-owners has resulted in a solid basis for, and commitment to, the further development of KIS in the future.