Professional Operations


Qualification Category S1
The department manager is the responsible resource person for KIS group’s performance of work within the area.
Professional Operations – the department manager is responsible for contact with the certification body and updating our certificates in relation to regulatory requirements, etc.
The area of responsibilities for the operations are mainly solved by working on three main areas in the managerial role.

1. Professional management

Professional management involves contact with the authorities, the certification body, and approvals, the support and ongoing training of the inspectors for the approximately 20 departments within the KIS group companies certified in KIS AS as experts in their fields.

Responsibility for communication with the certifying authorities for equipment approval. Ensure that the organization is up to date on legislation and standards. Inform other areas of the company, as needed, of changes in regulations and internal procedures / instructions. Creating / maintaining procedures, documentation and support material for the professional area. Developing and maintaining the competency level of service managers and inspectors. Oversee the inspector training departments. Evaluate the competency and approve the inspectors as well as keeping the registry up-to-date. Responsibility to prepare documentation of the KIS Group’s interpretation of regulations and updating checklists for the inspections. Responsibility for updating / revising the KS-IK-HSE systems within the professional area.

2. Participation in The KIS School

The department manager is responsible for the vocational courses which The KIS School organizes to execute the project within the authorized area. Contributes by mapping the need for training, preparing training plans as well as executing the internal training necessary for inspectors. Responsibility for practical training in the KIS school and approves the instructors for vocational courses based on their experience. Maintains the practice grounds and continuously evaluates the necessary equipment for the practical training.

3. Support operating companies

Contribute with professional information at market-oriented customer events organized by the various KIS companies. Conduct internal audits of professional business operating companies and internal audits in accordance with other procedures in quality and the HMS system.

Accident investigation

Authorized operations conduct commissioned investigations of workplace accidents within all of our control groups.

Contact info department manager:
Department Manager Per-Øivind Grette Mobile: 900 94 815