KIS Kompetanse AS

KIS KOMPETANSE AS is one of Norway’s leading training organizations in certified safety training.
We organize courses across the country, either in-house or as open courses, and we offer all forms of industrial, maritime and offshore-related training. We have our own competence centers in Drammen and Bergen with state of the art exercise rigs.
Our Marine Department can deliver custom designed training aboard ships. The department’s instructors have extensive experience in conducting courses on board ships worldwide. Courses are conducted for cranes, working at heights, securing cargo and work / safety in enclosed spaces (Confined Space). All courses can be held in Norwegian or English.
Our course participants come from most of the branches; they are participants who want training in order to be better equipped for competition where there are requirements for expertise as well as to meet legal requirements and regulations.
Our instructors are keen to teach participants the safe use of their work equipment. In some cases one should have training programs leading to a certificate of competence and in other cases you only need simple training documented by a certificate of course completion. Whatever type of course, our instructors contribute with the proper training. Our goal is that there should be no accidents nor injuries to persons and equipment.
Our instructors are positive, committed and knowledgeable with broad experience from industrial, shipping, or offshore operations. They have positive attitudes toward safety work and a burning desire to communicate this with their expertise, to our course participants.

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Espen Waerp

Sales Manager
Espen Waerp
Mobile: 915 45 987

Laila Waerp

Administration Manager
Laila Waerp
Mobile: 918 17 655

Sales Consultant
Svein Tore Olsen
Mobile: 477 50 749

Drammen office

KIS KOMPETANSE AS Kobbervikdalen 61 3036 Drammen
Tel: 815 35 053

Bergen office

KIS KOMPETANSE AS Laksevågneset 12 5160 Laksevåg
Tel: 815 35 053     Direct Tel: 55 34 97 00