KIS SØR AS – streamlines maintenance functions!
KIS SØR AS has its headquarters in Råde, Østfold. We cover the area Østfold, Vestfold, Telemark and Agder counties.
Proximity to customers is important to us, and therefore we have staff everywhere in our region, and offices in Kristiansand, Skien, Sandefjord and Råde.
The company was established in 1987 with 23 employees. We have enjoyed steady growth over the years, and we now have more than 60 employees.
Inspection and maintenance of work equipment, cranes and lifting equipment has been the core area of KIS from the start, and we are currently the market leader in our field. Around 950 companies in our geographical area have contracted with us for service, maintenance and annual inspection of their lifting equipment.

Our philosophy at KIS SØR AS is that the customer should concentrate on what they are good at, and we will help them by removing any other concerns they may have. Therefore, KIS SØR AS has focused on the maintenance function and can offer the KIS Agreement. With this contract agreement, KIS SØR AS assumes the responsibility for the operation and maintenance of all contracted equipment at a fixed price. Most large and solid companies see the advantage of this concept and our references include Borregaard, Norwegian Forest, Jotul, Elkem, Eramet, STX, Heidelberg Cement and Aker Solutions, among others. As a result of many years experience with such agreements, we can document the reduced maintenance costs for our customers. We take care of the equipment, our customers take care of production. So difficult and so simple.
It pays to let KIS SØR AS take complete responsibility!

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Baard Hermansen

Managing Director
Baard Hermansen
Mobile: 918 98 700

Administration Assistant
Kevin Wikhaug
Mobile: 995 30 985

Tel: 69 29 40 20

Fax: 69 29 40 21


Mosseveien 60
1640 Råde MVA 984 625 391