KIS VEST AS covers an elongated district with branches in Førde, Bergen, Husnes, and Stavanger. Service personnel are always close to our customers and our service vehicles are always to be found on the narrow western roads in the district. KIS VEST AS currently has about 30 people who work with cranes and lifting equipment in the area we cover.
In Bergen, the headquarters of KIS VEST AS are situated in excellent workshops at Hylkje. Here we perform heavy duty overhauls in own yard. In addition, we always have operative service technicians at our customers throughout the region. We have great expertise in the complete operation of crane systems.

From Bergen we have a good gateway to offshore installations in the North Sea, and we are often the preferred partner for offshore crane work as well as for refurbishments in our workshop. KIS VEST AS has personnel with offshore safety training for work on fixed installations.
Rogaland is covered with trained service personnel with high expertise, and is easily accessible for complete delivery of service, repairs and new lifting equipment to the region’s industry. Our staff at Klepp St. is wholly concerned with the needs of our clients, and has a well equipped workshop for heavy overhauls and extended periodic inspections.

At our branch at Husnes, Kvinnherad has access to professional crane and lifting gear maintenance. Our technicians are readily available with their service vehicles and they understand the special needs of the district. We have a full service branch in Uskedalen.
There are always service technicians from KIS VEST AS on the road in Sogn og Fjordane districts and our branch office in Forde is well equipped to accept repairs. We perform periodic authorized inspections and service all kinds of work equipment and cranes. Our main product is the repair of defects revealed during the annual check.
Work equipment and cranes are essential for productivity in a company, and KIS ensures both safety and reliability of the equipment. We encourage all equipment owners in the district to contact us for a presentation of the KIS Service Concept.

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Managing Director
Kjetil Jordal
Mobile: 489 94 777

Administrative Secretary
Janne Sundsbakk
Tel: 55 39 55 42

Tel: 55 39 55 55


Billing address:

Hylkjeflaten 8
5109 Hylkje 979 466 048